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Empowering the full potential of digital image data in Agriculture

ProvEye provides advanced processing software to derive quantitative data from images collected by drones and other platforms, which can be used to make informed actionable decisions on the farm.

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What We Do


We can upload images from any UAV or satellite


Our advanced image processing solution cleans your data to an unprecedented level


This then enables us to create maps on yield, pests, biomass and other biophysical measures with market-leading accuracy, enabling optimised decision making

The ProvEye Solution

The use of drones and other remote sensing tools in agriculture has seen significant growth in recent years. However there is a problem, a barrier that is stopping their widespread adoption; and that is poor data quality and consistency. Drones have the potential to give quantitative assessment of key decisions and attributes on the farm; for example when and where to spray for pests and diseases, how much yield am I going to get, how much fertilizer do I need to apply and can I demonstrate that I’m adhering to legislation. ProvEye will remove the barriers associated with poor data and consistency with advanced image processing software which was originally developed in-house for satellites, but now has been adapted for drones.

The ProEye solution will allow for the full potential of optical data to be realised through quantitative products that can be directly integrated into precision agriculture decision support systems that will look to either increase yields or reduce input costs.


Dr Jerome O’Connell – Managing Director – Founder

Jerome has 12 years’ experience developing image processing methods for remote sensing. He has worked with a host of commercial institutes and organizations including; NASA, World Bank, University of New York, University of Leeds, STFC, COST and Gorta SHA.

Prof Nick Holden – Executive Director – Founder

Nick has 30 years of experience in research and innovation for agriculture and natural resources, and has developed a range of remote sensing, mechanistic and agro-meteorological tools. He manages a team of 23 specialists, with €6.5 million of funding personally managed from > €60 million of grants won competitively.


ProvEye has an established reputation in the delivery of pioneering image processing, image classification and environmental modelling services across a range of domains:


Agriculture faces significant challenges into the future due to food security, climate change, labour and environmental sustainability. ProvEye is working with a host of organisations throughout the world in building novel solutions to help in areas such as sustainable food production.

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Software development

ProvEye has a team of experts in remote sensing and software development that have developed cutting edge software solutions from simple middleware API, right through to large enterprise end to end solutions. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the development of remote sensing and spatial analysis software, from the concept and planning phase to implementation and technical support.


Habitats and ecosystems throughout the world are coming under increasing pressure due to increased human population and climate change. ProvEye is paving the way in the use of advanced AI and machine learning in the mapping and monitoring of the world’s habitats and ecosystems for conservation.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring using advanced proximal, airborne and satellite-based remote sensing is now giving unprecedented insights into ecosystem service sustainability now and into the future. ProvEye has a wealth of experience in land cover mapping and environmental monitoring with a range of services between data acquisition right through to software development and legislative environmental reporting.

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