ProvEye software has been applied in a range of applications across multiple domains throughout the world.


Agriculture faces significant challenges into the future due to food security, climate change, labour and environmental sustainability. ProvEye is working with a host of organisations throughout the world in building novel solutions to help in areas such as sustainable food production.


ProvEye has developed solutions in serval areas of agriculture:

Case Studies

Crop Yield


  • Measured in Dry Matter tonnes per hectare
  • 85% accuracy
  • Fully automated
Disease Detection 


  • Satellite based
  • AI  tool
  • 84% accuracy
Grass Sward Composition 


  • Mapping clover, weeds, grass species to a leaf level
  • Over 90% accuracy
  • Widespread applications in the efficiency and sustainability of grass fed dairy and beef.


Habitats and ecosystems throughout the world are coming under increasing pressure due to increased human population and climate change. ProvEye is paving the way in the use of advanced AI and machine learning in the mapping and monitoring of the world’s habitats and ecosystems for conservation.


ProvEye has developed solutions to help map and monitoring conservation activates from space – CASE STUDY

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  • Satellite based tool
  • Automatically detect 3 forms of conservation agriculture
  • Based on small scale farm holdings in Sub-Saharan Africa

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring using advanced proximal, airborne and satellite based remote sensing is now giving unprecedent insights into ecosystem service sustainability now and into the future. ProvEye have a wealth of experience in landcover mapping and environmental monitoring with a range of services between data acquisition right through to software development and legislative environmental reporting


ProvEye has built various AI models around the classification of priority habitats with unprecedented levels of accuracy – CASE STUDY


  • Deep learning models that can classify priority habitats (Annex I) 
  • UAV based tool
  • Over 90% accuracy
  • Applied to semi-natural grasslands, costal dunes, blanket bogs and salt marsh’s
  • Unprecedented ecological accuracy